The most reputable — since the beginning.

The story behind Seattle’s most trusted mover.

Ballard Preferred Moving Incorporated began operation in 1905 as part of a larger company called Ballard Transfer.  Ballard Transfer built its reputation around its quality relocation and moving/rigging services, and it eventually became known not only for its ability to move objects of almost any size but for being the first moving company in town that owned trucks.

During the early 1980's, former Ballard Transfer employee, John O'Connell, purchased the relocation division of Ballard Transfer and incorporated it under the name Ballard Preferred.  He has since remained Ballard Preferred's sole owner, and he operates the company alongside Ballard Transfer from its original location alongside Seattle's Salmon Bay. 

Today, after a long day of work, John can still be found hanging around the office at Ballard Transfer and sharing a few laughs with their team.

As mentioned before, until the creation of this website in 2010, Ballard Preferred Moving Incorporated had never advertised other than by word-of-mouth.